The word pronation refers to the motion of several joints in 3 different planes. As body weight is transferred on the feet during walking or running, one has the tendency to apply more weight on the inner border of the foot whereby the heel and ankle roll inwards and the arch flattens out slightly. Pronation is a normal motion in all humans and only becomes a concern when a person overpronates whereby the arch remains flattened, the heel and ankle continue to roll too far inward causing increased stresses to the muscles and ligaments of the foot. This condition is often confused with flat feet (pes planus).

Some of the causes of Pronation may include:
– Ligament laxity
– Nerve injury
– High impact sports
– Shoe-wear
Leg length discrepancy

Pronation is often the contributing factor towards the following conditions:
Heel pain
• Hammertoes
• Medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints)
Achilles tendonitis
Ingrown toenails
• Neuromas
• Stress Fractures

Courtesy of Delcam UK