Shin Splints

Medically known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), referring to pain and inflammation in the shin or frontal lower leg area (Anterior Shin Splints). It may also occur at the back of the leg known as Posterior Shin Splints. The main cause is overloading of the muscles and tendons of the lower leg by a sudden increase in activity. Other factors may include: excessive pronation or supination, obesity, inadequate footwear and weak ankles.

Symptoms may include the following:
– Pain in the lower inside portion of the leg
– Numbness in the feet due to the swelling of muscles, affecting the nerves
– Pain at the start of activity and eases during activity
– Pain during running and high impact sports or sports that are performed hard surfaces
– Pain may be sharp or throbbing
– Tenderness around area involved