Flat Feet

The medical text describes flat feet as Pes Planus. Usually presents as a person having a very low arch or no arch at all upon weight bearing, often confused with the term excessive pronation (rolling in of the feet). All humans pronate, some pronate excessively that may be caused by flat feet. Commonly known as collapsed arches.

Easily noticeable by the practitioner, normally there should be a gap (space) between the ground and the foot within the arch area. People with flat feet sometimes have no symptoms and the condition can go untreated. It is a common hereditary condition but may be due underlying neurological factors, pregnancy and obesity. Flat feet affect people that are involved in high impact activities, sports, sales and jobs that entail long periods of standing.

By excessively pronating, the leg bones are continuously in an internally rotated position, the heel bones are tilted outwards and most of the body weight is transferred on the arch area leading to various conditions such as:

Metatasalgia (ball of the foot pain) accompanied by Corns and Callus
Plantar fasciitis, Heel spurs and Heel pain
– Calve pain and Shin pain
– Pain and tenderness along the arch
– Knee and Back pain