Medically known as Hallux Valgus (HV), malalignment or deviation of the big toe joint in relation to the other joints. The big toe bends towards the smaller toes causing an enlargement or a prominent bump on the side of the foot. Over time the bump gets larger and becomes painful causing the big toe to rest over or under the smaller toes. Heredity is the most common cause, however other factors such as ladies footwear, muscle imbalance, ligament laxity, flat feet and over pronated feet may also cause bunions. As all humans go through an ageing process, the bones and muscles eventually get weaker and bunions only worsen if treatment is ignored during its early stages.
Tailor’s bunion is a bump on the outer part of the smallest toe, this form due to the smaller toe bending inwards, towards the bigger toe joint.

Symptoms include:
– Pain, Inflammation and swelling on the side of the big toe
– Discomfort when walking
– Arthritis and stiffness can develop